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I have podcasts! Here they are:

Jays From Home podcast logo Jays From Home: A Toronto Blue Jays podcast co-hosted by brothers Steve and Matt Gower. Every Monday they recap the past week of Blue Jays baseball. Occasionally the podcast features various guests from writers, to podcasters, and even former Jays manager John Gibbons!

The Slow Reader podcast logo The Slow Reader: The Slow Reader is a book review podcast that covers books I'm reading at a pace that I'm comfortable with - which is a little bit slow. Listen in if you're looking for someone who reads at a pace closer to yours!

Alternative Airwaves podcast logo Alternative Airwaves: There are a lot of really great artists that go unnoticed, and their music is freely and legally available online. Alternative Airwaves discovers those artists.

Futurama Pedia podcast logo Futurama Pedia: An unofficial Futurama podcast! Mike & Steve talk Futurama and everything in between.[1]

  1. This podcast is no longer active. ↩︎