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I have podcasts! Here they are:

Jays From Home podcast logo Jays From Home: A Toronto Blue Jays podcast co-hosted by brothers Steve and Matt Gower. Every Monday they recap the past week of #BlueJays baseball. Occasionally the podcast features various guests from writers, to podcasters, and even former Jays manager John Gibbons!

The Slow Reader podcast logo The Slow Reader: The Slow Reader is a book review podcast that covers books I'm reading at a pace that I'm comfortable with - which is a little bit slow. Listen in if you're looking for someone who reads at a pace closer to yours!

Alternative Airwaves podcast logo Alternative Airwaves: There are a lot of really great artists that go unnoticed, and their music is freely and legally available online. Alternative Airwaves discovers those artists.

Futurama Pedia podcast logo Futurama Pedia: An unofficial Futurama podcast! Mike & Steve talk Futurama and everything in between.[1]

  1. This podcast is no longer active. ↩︎